Overlapping Courses

Course: Operating Systems (20594)
In certain cases, there is some overlap in the content of various courses. This overlap has implications on the total number of credits granted for some combinations of courses.

The division of credits among the overlapping courses for each student is determined according to the student's program of studies.

The overlapping courses are detailed below. Each group of courses lists the number of credits granted for each course individually ("course credits") as well as the number of credits granted when a student takes both ("combined credits"). Courses that have not been taught for 10 years or more are not shown.

Students are advised not to take overlapping courses, and in any case, to contact an academic advisor before registering for a course that overlaps a course they have taken in the past.

Name of course Course

20594   Operating Systems 4 6
20354   Principles of Operating Systems 6  

Course no longer offered

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